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Looking for a way to communicate your story or project?
Make it visible
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We humans are visual creatures. A combination of text and images is easier for us to read and understand, and the content will be remembered better when images are used. In communication, visualisation is a smart choice.

Animations have become very popular! Not surprising, because movies make a story really come across. I have been learning about animation and experimenting with it since 2020, and have realised some cool projects for clients. I love to collaborate with professional partners like Animatiestudio LIM, but I am also able to animate something myself (in a simple way).

(not-moving) Visuals that map and depict your story or project can also work perfectly well. These are images that can help communicate your message to your audience, using drawings combined with words. These visuals can be used to support live presentations or online text, for example.

A Visual in Dutch about 'multitransitions' for TNO:

Praatplaat TNO 5.0.jpg
Praatplaat TNO animatie GIF Rooske Eerden Scratch Graphics


The animation below is 3,5 minutes, and has a Dutch voice-over. It's about the condition ME/CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) made for ZonMw in collaboration with Animatiestudio LIM.

The next animation is 3 minutes, and has an English speaking voice-over. It's about the Centre for Space, Place and Society (part of Wageningen University).

This last example is very personal... I made it for the funeral of my grandmother in 2019, about her life, with her favorite music. (This was my first animation experiment ever, so that explains the speed that is much to slow ;-))

Animations like these can be a beautiful way to reflect on the life of a loved one...

a few other examples of Visuals:

Some are made in collaboration with De Betekenaar

Alliance2015 Organizational Chart
Praatplaat Klantreis
Praatplaat Demens
Praatplaat gemeente Arnhem Warmte
Praatplaat gemeente Arnhem Warmte 2.0.jpg
Alliance2015 Organizational Chart
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