Quality dialogues...

...is where 'generative scribing' and 'systems scribing' can add extra insight and overview, to support a group to see what they are talking about, during and after a conversation.

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Look below for some examples, and more explanation:

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generative scribing
What is it?

Generative scribing and Systems scribing are Visual practice methods connected with Theory U, brought into the world by artist and writer Kelvy Bird.

These methods stand for deeper levels of listening and scribing, besides 'draw a picture to go with the words': for example it can shine light on relationships, root causes, and energy that is felt. It is always done in service of a group, while the group is talking. So it is not a 'private' form of drawing, but it is a so-called 'social art'.

Take a look here, on Kelvy's website, for a clear explanation (with pictures :)) about the different levels of scribing, and how they relate to the four levels of listening, as defined by the Presencing Institute.

In her book Generative scribing Kelvy describes it like this: ".... to 'presence' what a group or a social system wants to express, and then make it visible." "...the drawing establishes connections within content, aids with insight, and supports decision making".

The drawing can be used by the group to reflect on their conversation, while it is taking place, and also after, to 'see' something extra collectively. It is mostly done with markers or paint on a large surface, in the room where the participants are (- a live 'mirror'!), but can also work digitally when the meeting is online.

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One example: 

Sometimes the conversation takes shape as 'polite' (pleasing the presenter) and there is one perspective that appears to be dominant...

Generative scribing use 2.png

... a drawing can focus attention somewhere else, for example when someone says something different and creates an opening. That way, the drawing can support the dialogue to move to different possibilities.

In the next interview, Kelvy explains in a simple way what scribing is (first 2 minutes):

In june 2019 I participated in the "Visual Practice Workshop" organized by the Presencing Institute. In october 2019 I participated in the Systems Scribing Lab, and have been keeping up my learning around this in 2020, 2021 and 2022. I am very excited to bring it all into practice, for clients.

Are you someone that works with Theory U or similar methods, and are interested to see what I can do for you? I would love to hear from you!

Thanks! Message sent.

More information:

Kelvy Bird s an artist and internationally recognized scribe. She is co-founder of the Presencing insitute, which uses "Theory U" (from Otto Scharmer) as a framework. It is about what serves human society as a whole, and about "presencing", which is described as "the blending of sensing and presence, a means to connect from the Source of the highest future possibility, and to bring it into the now". 

Want to know more?

Some links:

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