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Hi! My name is Rooske Eerden. I am a Graphic recorder, living between Leiden and Gouda, in The Netherlands. In 2017 I started professionally with Graphic recording and I just love it! - on paper as well as digital. I am a versatile person, and I care about living and working sustainably.

I believe in the subtle power of drawing, to create clarity. If we 'see' it, we feel it, and then we act upon it...

About my name Scratch Graphics: it refers to 'From scratch'. Everything starts with an empty canvas.. ;-) And also I started 'from scratch' working in this field, coming from another line of work (Archaeology). It is the best way to learn something: by doing! And of course the training Visual recording (De Betekenaar), and the Visual Practice Workshop (Presencing Institute).

Want to get better acquainted? Check Instagram. Questions? Don't hesitate to ask!

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I work together with De Betekenaar (Dutch cooperation of Visualisers) on a regular basis

I love being in the forest...
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